Xceleron’s analytical power accelerates your development program, saves you time and money, and moves your product forward with confidence.


What We Do

Xceleron is a world leader in the use of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) analytical technology in pharmaceutical, food technology, crop protection and biobased product applications.

Our primary business is in pharmaceutical research and development. Since 1998 we have been helping to design preclinical and clinical investigations around the unique analytical features of AMS, now a widely used and valuable tool in the quest for improved R&D efficiency. Smart use of AMS allows analytical challenges to be taken off the critical path by supporting time- and cost-efficient investigations.

Xceleron started to use AMS to determine the biobased content of green products in 2011 and in 2013 became ISO 17025 accredited to help manufacturers determine the biobased content of their products. We apply the same rigorous principles of analytical quality control and technology use to biobased testing as we do to human pharmaceutical safety.

  • Pharmaceutical Services

    Xceleron can help you to design and implement preclinical and clinical fit-for-purpose investigations. Our clients regularly use us to meet commercial objectives associated with:

    • Proof-of-concept
    • Asset sale
    • Asset purchase
    • Drug approval

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  • Biobased Services

    Xceleron is ISO 17025 accredited and certified to ASTM D6866 for testing biobased products.

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Accelerating the development programs of clients worldwide

Technology and Expertise

AMS is a unique analytical platform because it does not suffer from matrix effects, can be applied across a broad range of compound types, including small molecule and biologics, and is exquisitely sensitive. Xceleron has developed proprietary approaches to analytical method validation and can apply AMS in a clinical setting that is very efficient.

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R&D Efficiency

We have supported over 100 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in target research, preclinical development and clinical Phases 0, I and II/III.   Our use of the AMS analytical platform has enabled R&D teams to increase R&D efficiency and reach their commercial objectives.

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