Xceleron’s analytical power accelerates your development program, saves you time and money, and moves your product forward with confidence.


What We Do

Xceleron offers a combination of technology and experimental design you won’t find anywhere else. Throughout the development continuum, Xceleron provides analytical solutions to help you answer questions before they become issues and invaluable foresight to navigate the road ahead.

Xceleron’s use of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) technology delivers solutions and insight for a range of pharmaceutical and biobased challenges.

  • Pharmaceutical Services

    When you’re ready to commit to your most promising compounds, Xceleron will help you leverage and enhance your existing Phase I investigations to assess Phase II-readiness. If you encounter unforeseen problems at any time, we’ll help you solve them with fit-for-purpose solutions.

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  • Biobased Services

    Xceleron is ISO 17025 accredited and certified to ASTM D6866 for testing biobased products.

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Accelerating the development programs of clients worldwide

Technology and Expertise

AMS is a unique analytical platform because it is exquisitely sensitive, does not suffer from matrix effects, and can be applied across a broad range of compound types, including small molecule and biologics.  Xceleron has developed proprietary approaches to analytical method validation and can apply AMS in a clinical setting that is fit for purpose and enabling.

Cost Effectiveness

Our clinical research services have supported over 100 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from Phase 0 to Phase III and our cutting edge, ultra-sensitive AMS technology has enabled clinical research teams worldwide to drastically reduce their development costs and timelines compared to traditional methods.

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